What is a Wi-Fi Tide Gauge?

Traditional circular tide clocks haven’t changed in decades. They have poor accuracy, and don’t really paint the whole picture. We set out to solve that by creating an entirely new product that will change the way you think about tides forever, look great in your home, and generate conversations with your guests for years. NexTide is simple to setup, configurable to your specific to your area, syncs with the web by itself, and just plain works. No matter where you visit the ocean, the high and low tide water level is different all the time, and our customers love checking it with just a glance.

What information does a NexTide display?

  1. the water level right now,
  2. which direction the tide is going (in or out),
  3. how high the tide water will come in next,
  4. how low the tide water will go out next,
  5. and of course the time of the next tide.

Will you create my local lighthouse or design by request?

Yes, depending on the shape and feasibility of what you’re looking for. Use the contact us form to request a design and we will add you to the list!

How does it work?

This patent pending devices uses Wi-Fi and turns tide data into informative animations of color-coded lights that show you 12 hours into the future. NexTide shows you the high and low tide water levels for the day with only a glance from across the room. No more ambiguous numbers to translate — tide heights are displayed using an intuitive scale of lights that you can see on your way out the door. Quickly knowing the height of the tides can be a game changer for boaters, beachgoers, fisherman, surfers, dog walkers, sea glass hunters, kayakers, swimmers, and the list goes on. NexTide also tells you when the next tide is, but we promise the height of the tide is much more interesting.

Is NexTide easy to setup?

Basically there are 3 simple steps, that’s it!

  1. Use your smartphone to connect to NexTide’s WiFi hotspot (just 1 time)
  2. Select your home WiFi network and enter WiFi password
  3. Choose the beach or harbor you want to use for tide information, and save.

Are there subscription fees?

Never. Your NexTide pulls tide data directly from databases made publicly available by NOAA, so we would never dream of charging for access to this information.

Does NexTide work with Mixed Semi Diurnal Tides?

Of course it does… NexTide works with any area that has a NOAA tide station, including areas like the west coast and the gulf of Mexico where circular tide clocks are mostly useless.

If you are curious to see the difference, drag the slider left and right to compare Massachusetts to California over a 1 month period.

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