Block Sheffield Morgan Plum 10.5″


NexTide Lighthouse 10.5″

This conversation starting product includes USB cable, integrated stand, automatic updates, and free shipping.  Currently available to USA and PR addresses only.

Block Island North Light – New Shoreham, RI

Sheffield Island Light – Norwalk, CT

Morgan Point Light – Noank, CT

Plum Island Light – Plum Island, NY

This particular lighthouse is found in 6 locations, 4 of them painted as shown with black/white top.  Coming soon for:

Great Captain Island Light – Greenwich, CT (all white top)

Old Field Point Light – Long Island, NY (all black top)

In Stock: usually ships in about a week, since electronics are installed after purchase.



The World’s First and Only Wi-Fi Tide Gauge.

A quick glance is all you need to visualize the upcoming tide’s water level in your area.

Select your tide chart from thousands of harbors, inlets, waterways and beaches. Easily connect the NexTide to your wifi from your mobile device, then it will handle the rest for years to come.

Fully designed, made and assembled in Massachusetts. This patent pending device is laser-cut from multiple layers of baltic birch wood, built-in WiFi, and 50+ dimmable LEDs.  Requires a USB power source, USB cable included.

What info does it show?
1. The time of the next tide (clock dial)
2. Light pattern showing incoming or outgoing tide.
3. The water level right now.
4. How high the water will be next high tide.
5. How low the water will be next low tide.
6. Animated lighthouse can be set to sunset. (lighthouse model only)

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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